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Atlanta_Out_Loud-107-cropLike so many others in this business, I did not plan to have a career in Marketing Research. I graduated with a degree in Psychology knowing that I wanted to work with people - to what degree was still not clear.

I was actually “cold called” to participate in a Focus Group on cars.  Like many who were not familiar with Qualitative Marketing Research I was skeptical. I was being offered $75.00 to come in and discuss my car.  Since I was fresh out of college and short on money, I thought I would take a chance. I attended the group, got paid and no one tried to sell me a car.

The Focus Group facility was hiring for evening recruiters.  I thought “Wow, this will be perfect”, I can interview for jobs during the day and work at night. I was hired as a recruiter.  After 4 years of working my way up the ranks I was promoted to Evening Facility Manager.

It’s been almost 15 years since I participated in that focus group and now I am Vice President of Atlanta Out Loud, Inc.  One of the things I love best is that we are independently owned and operated on site.  Having worked in the multiple location environments I find that working for an independent facility enables me to more efficiently meet my client’s needs.  I am able to make project changes, suggestions or decisions on the spot thereby providing our clients with the most precise up to the minute progress on their projects and the quality results the expect.

To me, the greatest thing about Marketing Research is the variety of subjects we are exposed to.  It is so exciting to be involved in the development of new products and services that are coming out on the market or being and the transformation of existing products.  Never a dull moment.

In my spare time I play ALTA (Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association), enjoy cycling and training for the country’s largest 10K - The Peachtree Road Race.