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GIZMOGreetings!  I am Gizmo and I am the Corporate Canine here at Atlanta Out Loud, Inc.  I have worked with the entire team of Atlanta Out Loud since I was 6 weeks old.  I am friends with many of the other tenants in the building – two or three of which have Canines of their own but unfortunately for me - they are all male.

My primary responsibility here it stress relief.  I strive to create a very calming and peaceful atmosphere in the office. I accomplish this by curling up on Marianne’s desk or snoring at Jim’s feet. From time to time I am able to entice a member of the staff to take a break, get me a treat, and throw the ball down the hall for me to chase or go outside so I can make my mark on nature.  Most of the time I just roam the office checking on everyone.  I work best during project crunch time.

On occasion, I am requested by a client that will be visiting our offices.  The management staff will not let me come to the office when we have clients visiting unless my services have been requested.  If you would like to meet me just let them know.  I promise that I will never repeat anything that I hear.  All secrets are safe with me.