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I stumbled into my career back in 1978 while working towards becoming an accountant.  Little did I know at the time that this business would provide so much more excitement and challenge than columnar pads of numbers ever could.  I have worked on both sides of the fence – asking the questions and designing the questions.  I can remember taking project specifications from a client and having to ask “What is an IT Director?”  I remember handwritten bids and reports, fax machines, and reel-to-reel recording equipment.  I am so grateful for scanning, digital recording and the internet.  Across the years this industry has challenged me, taught me and held my interest – so much so that I cannot wait for what is next.

I am privileged to come to work every day with the most fantastic group of people.  Each member of our staff brings their own style and strengths.  We are a team in every sense of the word.  We trade hats frequently and share in the completion of every project.  Every client is “our” client and we all believe that a successful project is the direct result of the respect we have for each other and the dedication we bring to each task.

Away from the office you will almost always find me with my very best friend – my husband Scott.  We enjoy motorcycle riding, walking, bowling, travel, great friends and family.  If I can sit still long enough I love a good book. Those that know me will tell you that I never sit still.