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Marianne H. Kellogg
Chief Executive Officer

I stumbled into my career back in 1978 while working towards becoming an accountant. Little did I know at the time that this business would provide so much more excitement and challenge than columnar pads of numbers ever could.

Jim Reardon

Like so many others in this business, I did not plan to have a career in Marketing Research. I graduated with a degree in Psychology knowing that I wanted to work with people – to what degree was still not clear.

Deborah White
Mgr. Hispanic Services

As Manager of Hispanic Services I oversee all of our Hispanic research projects. We conduct a wide variety of Hispanic projects including focus groups, IDI’s, B2B and Ethno’s. The Latin American Community in metro Atlanta is one of the fastest growing

Buffy Parker
Client Service Manager

I have worked for Atlanta Out Loud since the year 2000. I began in a part-time position as one of the many capable Client Service Staff for the company, then known as Atlanta Focus.

Pat Jackson

Many names yet basically one hat . . . Number Cruncher, Bean Counter, and “Hooray for paychecks!” In a word I am the Bookkeeper. Many years ago Marianne’s father was the reigning Bookkeeper.

Chad Hamilton
Database Manager

Here at Atlanta Out Loud, I work to make our database the best it can possibly be. I spend my days making sure that our database is accurate and growing with new and diverse respondents